The Rules Experiment

Thursday, March 2

The Reason for this Experiment

I have been reading The Rules: Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right, just for the hell of it (I'm on the elliptical every night for at least 45 minutes...lots of time to kill), and quite frankly, I found this book extremely insulting to both men and women. This book seems to completely disregard men's intelligence and want for an intelligent woman in their lives. It tells women not to joke or show her true personality until they are in a committed relationship. Are you kidding me? It calls for women to be the subservient Stepford wives of the 1950's. Is this really what men want from a woman?
But, being the analytical pseudo-intellectual that I am, not to mention all of the Sociology classes that I took in college, I know not to discount a theory (especially a best-selling one) without testing it. Hence this blog. I'm not sure how long this blog will last for two reasons: 1. I have ADD and will probably get bored with it, especially as there most likely not be daily posts and it will be a rather long process; and 2. I HATE playing games and lying to people.
Now to really do this, I have to follow the "Rules" to a tee. Therefore I cannot try this on any guy that I already know, have talked to, or has read my other blog or MySpace page. After all, the "Rules" tell you not to show too much personality or be too deep in the beginning. Anyone who has read anything I've written or who knows me knows that this is totally NOT me.
It the weeks or months ahead, I will go through each "Rule" and analyze that "Rule" as it pertains to actual real-life dating.
By logging this, I'm hoping it will prove the "Rules" to be just what I think they are: complete crap; and hopefully dissuade people from playing these games.
This will probably start very slowly because I have to wait for a man to initiate conversation and to ask me out. Being the impatient person that I am, this is going to be the most difficult part. But, if I'm going to do this, I have to do it all the way. So there may not be very much to write for a while. But please be patient.


Blogger Kirsten said...

Okay, girl...bring it on...I don't have patience, either, but I will wait...see how this pans out...As you know, Im married, and have been for like ever...but I still like to hear about whats going on in the single minds out there...lol
Good luck...

:)Just me

3/03/2006 8:57 AM  
Blogger White Dade said...

Here's a to a successful spinoff, Ashburnite. I too found that book to be one of the ridiculous pieces of literature I had ever seen. So I am loking forward to your thorough dismatling of its theories. Good luck and please stick to it.

3/05/2006 5:37 PM  
Anonymous Tania said...


I've read the book a couple of years ago (I am now 18) and have now re-read it as I met a guy on the net, a guy I will probably share a flat with at uni. So I thought I'd give the whole Rules thing a go. Hmm, I might create a blog here and record my experience... Or maybe not. Anyway, good luck and stick to The Rules - I'll try to as well :)

8/09/2006 8:17 AM  

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