The Rules Experiment

Thursday, March 16

That's What You Get

Well, well, well. So you went on a date and weren’t funny or talked much and the date was painfully dull, huh? Surprise, surprise. Now, granted, this guy sounds like he was about as interesting as your typical Prime Time selection on C-Span, but in situations such as this it then falls on you to make the date bearable. By no means go out with him again, but in order to get through an excruciating experience such as this, sometimes the lady must be funny and/or talk a little too much. Otherwise it’s just crickets and tumbleweeds.

So, yet again, the Rules are shown to be quite inaccurate. Were you out with a stockbroker or actor or some other profession where men love to talk about nothing but themselves, the Rules may have served you well. But when you are on a date with a guy like Cuddle Bunny, sometimes it is in the best interest of your sanity to keep the conversation alive. Unless you enjoy your main social interaction for the evening consisting of “Yes, the Blue Accord? That’s mine.”


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